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7181 College Parkway #18, Fort Myers, Fl 33907

Phone 481-1272   Fax 481-6835 Website:




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Beginning Date:


Terms:______ per year. Fuser, Maintenance kit & Toner cartridges are not included.


            Equipment is owned by JetScape                           Equipment is owned by the above business


This Extended Warranty Agreement is between JetScape Laser Service Inc. and the above named Purchaser.


In order to maintain your equipment in good working order, this Maintenance Agreement covers all parts; (excluding Toner, Fuser and the Printer Maintenance Kit) and all labor for a period as specified in the “Terms” above.


This Agreement includes periodic calls during normal business hours, or as reasonably requested; necessitated by causes other than carelessness or improper handling and use of equipment, damages caused by fire, lightening, electrical spike or surge, floods, hurricanes, riots or acts of God. Service calls caused by using supply items that are not approved are not covered by this agreement. JetScape agrees to extend all best efforts to obtain all necessary parts to repair your equipment. In the event replacement components become obsolete and JetScape is not able to maintain the equipment in good working order, JetScape retains the right to void this Agreement, and thus refund the unused portion of the paid annual fee.


This is a time or usage non-transferable contract according to the terms above and will automatically be renewed at identical rates or at prevailing rates pre-approved by Purchaser. This Agreement may be terminated by either party upon 30 days written notification of the annual renewal date.


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Agreement must be approved by an officer of JetScape


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